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Possibly the Smartest & Most Effective Way To Reclaim your mis-sold PPI

Our company

We are a PPI reclaim company that has years of experience in our industry. With the experience coupled with our knowledge, we are able to complete every claim regardless of how big or small they may be whilst paying close attention to detail.

We are different from other claims companies in Scotland in the sense that we’ll never ask you to complete complicated forms and we’ll give you your own dedicated claims expert. Just fill out our contact form on the right hand side or give us a call today and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Our claims team have numerous years experience working in a finical background and in law, we deal with every case on a one to one personalised basis to ensure every case is handled professionally.

For more Information on our company visit our About Us page.

Benefits of using us

  • No upfront fees

  • No paperwork is required

  • One to one personal service

  • Old records can be found up to 21 years ago

How it works

Typically lenders claim to only have to retain records for up to six years after an account has been closed however, this isn’t the case. We specialise in PPI and can recover your bank records from as far back as twenty one years.

The majority of PPI companies in Scotland will claim that they’re capable of obtaining your financial records from as far back as ten years. They’ll also tell you that they can check for contracts that were sold with PPI without there being any account details. This is done through a mini subject access request where the information will be received from the lender for either no cost or a small fee of £2.00.

A mini subject access request will generally disclose if a loan had PPI, when it was taken and when it was repaid however, no documentation is recovered by or from the lender during this process which of course is essential when a claim is being presented to a lender. Instead of doing a mini subject access request, our team obtain a full subject access request which will give us the rest of the documentation that we need for your claim.

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