PPI Claims Scotland

We are a PPI claims company based in Glasgow, we pride ourselves in providing customers with the best possible experience in finding out how much money could be claimed back from payment protection insurance. Our staff have many years experience working in this industry with experts in both law and the finical sector. Claiming back PPI can become a headache but we keep this simple for you as all we need is a name and address and we can get your case started.

PPI is a type of insurance put in place that was available to cover your monthly payments such as loans and mortgages in the case that you had falling ill and unable to work or became unemployed. Some people where told that this was necessary when in fact there was no need for it. There was also a number people paying this insurance while being completely unaware of this fact.

We pride ourselves in handling each of the cases on a one to one basis allowing our claims specialists the time to thoroughly check your case and begin the process of getting your money back as soon as possible if you are entitled to money back. We don’t have any up front charges which means we discuss the likeness of your cases success before you decide going ahead with your case.

  • No Cold Calling
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Personal One on One Contactabout-ppi-claims-scotland

The law is forever changing which results in it becoming continuously more difficult for clients to make there claims with the banks. This means it takes our best qualified claims experts to successfully push through the obstacles that the banks will put in the way to prevent you from getting the money back you deserve. The banks have been pushing for a deadline for years, considering they have paid out over £27 billion out falsely sold PPI claims it is no wonder they have been fighting everyday to push a deadline. That day has now come with claiming back money from mis-sold PPI is now a 2018 cut off. We have helped people make claims from various payments such as:

  • Mortgages
  • credit cards
  • car finance
  • loans

Get in contact with us today by taking a couple of minutes to fill out our simple contact form to see if you are entitled to money back on your mis-sold PPI.