Best PPI Claim Company Glasgow

Banks in Glasgow and all over Scotland have had to fork out billions in payouts to individuals who have been mis-sold PPI in the past. PPI – Payment Protection Insurance was branded as the best, largely sold insurance plan that came alongside credit cards, loans and mortgages to ensure that payments were made if the borrower became unwell, lost their job or died.

The majority of people who were mis-sold PPI were told that they needed it when they didn’t, some even had it added on without them knowing it was there. Regardless of whether or not you agreed to having PPI added on to your loan, credit card or mortgage, you may be able to claim back your PPI.

At PPI Claims Scotland, we are currently known as the best PPI claim company that covers the whole of Glasgow. This is because we offer a personalised service when it comes to each individual claim.

The last thing that you want when using a PPI claim company is to be conned out of more money. We don’t charge any fees up front at all, this way you aren’t being charged when you may not necessarily get anything back from your claim.

We are known as the best PPI claim company for several other reasons. Apart from offering a personalised service we will look at your potential claim before you commit to using our services, one of our team members will tell you if your PPI policies were likely to have been mis-sold and how likely you are to win back your money. At this point you will be able to receive PPI claims advice without there being any pressure to take things further if you decide not to.

We pride ourselves on being able to check back as far back as 21 years and you don’t need your paperwork to be able to make a claim with us. Instead, all that we will need is some basic information for example your name and the address in Glasgow that you lived at.

At PPI Claims Scotland, we want you to be happy with your decision to use us for the PPI claims process and this starts from the very first point of contact. So get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.