PPI Claims Paisley

PPI – Otherwise known as Payment Protection Insurance is designed to cover your loan or credit card repayments for a year in the event of an accident, sickness or unemployment or sometimes just accident and sickness.

PPI was purchased by a lot of people to insure all kinds of consumer car loans, loans from finance companies and home mortgage borrowing.

PPI has been widely mis-sold to people in Paisley and in other areas throughout the UK which means that you may even have it without knowing that you do. It was so widely mis-sold as advisers were hugely incentivised to sell PPI wherever possible.

Research has shown that over 85% of people who have claimed PPI compensation have been successful with their claims. Typically the average customer payout for loan PPI compensation is around £3000.

It’s worth checking any mortgage, credit card and loan agreements that you have had in the past. If you see any of the following terms or similar then it’s more than likely that you’ve been sold PPI:

  • Payment cover
  • Protection plan
  • Loan protection
  • ASU
  • Loan care


Even if you can’t find the documents it’s still worth claiming if you think that you were mis-sold PPI, that’s where we come in.

We specialise in PPI claims and have helped hundreds of customers in Paisley with their claim, making us a company that you can trust with the claims process. The wealth of knowledge and experience that we have with PPI claims makes us the perfect choice for you if you want to find out if you are eligible for compensation.

We are able to claim your bank records from as far back as twenty one years, this is beneficial because it means that we are able to find the full history instead of just a couple of years ago.

A lot of people assume that they wouldn’t be able to put in a PPI claim because they don’t have all of the paperwork. We are different from other claims companies in Paisley and other areas when it comes to our process in the sense that we don’t confuse you with hundreds of terms that you don’t understand and complicated forms that you have to fill out. Instead all that we need from you is some basic information for example the name that your account is in and the lender and we’ll find the rest of the information that we need.

We don’t charge any upfront fees for PPI claims, all that we do is we take a percentage of the money that you will get back from the claim.

We would be happy to discuss our fees with you along with all other aspects of the claims process. Just fill out our contact form today.