PPI Claims Scotland

Payment protection insurance is something people were sold to ensure any monthly payments they were making were protected in the event of certain circumstances like becoming unemployed or falling ill. This was sold with payments such as:

  • Mortgages
  • loans
  • Credit Card shopping payments
  • Car Finance

The problem is that the banks have been mis-selling this to a number of people for years as they didn’t need such payments, some people were even sold this insurance without actually knowing this was this case.

PPI Claims Scotland is a company that is here to fight with the banks to help you get the money back you are entitled to. Our claims experts have been working in both the finical and law sector for a number of years now, no matter how big or how small your case is we provide a one to one personalised service. The banks have paid back billions in compensation over a number of years but now the deadline is now the year 2018.

The process of claiming money back for mis-sold PPI can seem daunting, as time goes on the banks are making it increasingly more difficult to claim but our process is set up to be as easy as possible for you to make your PPI claim, just fill out our contact form with a few details such as your name and address and we will handle the rest. PPI claims Scotland can retrieve paperwork from up to 21 years ago, taking the stress of looking through old paperwork away from you.

We don’t charge any fees for contact us for advice about your claim, this means we can discuss the details of your case and how likely you are to win money back before you go ahead with your claim.

Here at PPI Claims Scotland we take great pleasure in making the claiming process as easy as possible for the client, If you think you have been mis-sold PPI then get in contact with us today to see what we can do for you.