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PPI – What it is

The majority of loans, credit cards and mortgages that were taken out in the last 10 years will have included Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). This was meant to cover the monthly payments if you were unable to make the repayments due to being in an accident, being sick or being unemployed.

Mis-sold PPI

As a PPI company we’ve seen that in most cases the lender didn’t conduct the sale of these policies correctly, meaning that millions of policies have been classed as mis-sold. As a result of this, you are entitled to have this money back and you will also have added thousands to your repayments.

PPI has a number of other names, with it being known as payment cover, protection plan, ASU, loan protection, retail payment protection, loan care or similar. If you see anything on your paperwork that you didn’t know about then look into it.

PPI company

Here at our PPI company we are able to help you and other individuals in Dundee reclaim the cost of your policies, ensuring that you receive a full PPI refund.

When you come to us one of our experienced PPI claim advisors will discuss your claim with you and will process it for you whilst working towards maximising your PPI compensation. If you don’t have all of your paperwork then don’t worry, all that we need is some basic information from you and we can find all of your history for over the last 21 years!

No upfront fees

A lot of people in Dundee who consider using our PPI company are concerned about upfront fees, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t charge our customers upfront fees. Instead, we will just charge you a percentage of what you get from your claim(s); this way you won’t be expected to pay out large sums of money before your claim has even been processed.

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