PPI Claims Company Edinburgh

What PPI is

PPI is an insurance that involves paying out a sum of money to help cover your monthly repayments on a loan, credit card or mortgage in the event that you became unemployed, had an accident, were sick, hospitalised or you died.

PPI is called different things for example it can be called ASU (Accident, Sickness and Unemployment) Insurance.

There have been thousands of people in Edinburgh and in other areas in the UK who were mis-sold PPI, people who were told that they needed the policy when they didn’t and there were people who weren’t even told at all.

PPI Company

We are a PPI claims company who is very experienced in helping people in Edinburgh claim back the money that they have spent on PPI. It doesn’t matter if you agreed to the PPI at the time, we can still help reclaim back the money you put into the insurance.

When you come to us we will investigate your claim both properly and fairly. Even if you can’t find your paperwork we will investigate your complaint and will take measures to find your record whether it was 6 years ago or 21 years ago.

The benefit of using our PPI Claims company rather than doing it yourself is that we will be able to spot any mistakes that your bank has made when they make you an offer on the claim(s).

We don’t charge any upfront fees, instead we will take a percentage of the money that you make on your claim.

We offer a personalised service where one of our team will arrange to sit down with you and discuss your claim. You will be able to ask our team members any questions that you may have about PPI or the process and afterwards, you will be more confident that your claim is in safe hands.

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